Kate Hudson: Butt Implants Are Fine!

Truth rating: 10

By Daniel Gates


Kate Hudson takes down Hollywood haters in a new InStyle cover interview. “The negativity is just so vast,” she says. “Will everybody stop being so damned judgmental?”

The actress finds the speculation that swirls around people’s appearances — and whether they’ve had plastic surgery — to be especially grating.

“That’s like asking someone if they see a therapist—and why?” she asks the magazine. “If someone wants to go get butt implants, then sure, go get butt implants. The real question is, How do they treat the person next to them? Are they a-holes or are they awesome?”

How does Hudson cope with the swarm of photographers that seem to follow her every move? “I just look at the paparazzi and mentally cut their heads off!” she explains. The actress laments that women still have it tougher than their male counterparts in Hollywood. Hudson says, “Do women still have a more difficult time in the industry? In terms of what they get paid and getting movies made, that’s just a factual yes. Nobody can debate it.”

But she comes from a background of fighting for what you want. “My mom [Goldie Hawn] was a trailblazer,” Hudson tells the outlet. “She was one of the first women after Katherine Hepburn to produce her own films. She had this extremely fascinating public image, but behind the scenes there was a real, persevering strength — wanting to get things done, fighting for what she believed in, and being successful with it.”

Why seek the spotlight in the first place? “I joined the circus because I wanted to be part of the circus,” says Hudson. “I have a rebelliousness in me. I’m not interested in perfection — that’s the whole point!”

What do you think about what she says?

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