CLAIM: Kardashians On The Decline in Marketplace

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By Daniel Gates


A scathing report on the Kardashians in today’s New York Post seems to be a little light on the facts. The newspaper contends that Kim Kardashian and her ubiquitous family have taken a sharp nosedive in the marketplace. “Everything the reality family touches turns absolutely toxic,” charges the article, claiming “party promoters, magazine editors and television execs [are] all scrambling to blacklist them.”

Really? According to so-called “insiders” for the Post, ratings for the family’s reality show “have plummeted,” with magazines and products carrying the Kardashian name supposedly “unmarketable.” That’s not exactly true. For instance, “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” is up 43% from the previous season and averaging its best ratings ever, with more than 3 million total weekly viewers. Interestingly, the Post never mentions the show.

The newspaper alleges that “the wheels came off” for Kim in the wake of her split from Kris Humphries, and claims promoters have cooled on bringing her in for personal appearances. “Kim was once paid $600,000 to spend New Year’s Eve at Tao Las Vegas,” write the Post. “Now it’s the total opposite.” Huh?

That reported payday was for this New Year’s Eve – the one just two weeks ago, well after the Humphries breakup. The article also quotes a single publicist who’s gotten “bored” with the Kardashians and one club owner who jokes that he’d “pay her $600,000 personally not to [appear]” to make it seem like there’s a huge trend toward “blacklisting” the family.

As Forbes found out, a number of other details in the original article, including the premise that magazines with Kardashians on the cover saw sales drop recently, are cherry picked and misleading. One top editor at a major weekly tells Gossip Cop of the Kardashians: “They still sell.” Essentially, the Post piece tries to invent a dramatic story that simply isn’t there. If anything is “toxic” here, it’s the reporting.

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