MAG: Kim Kardashian Demanding Family Follow Kanye West’s “Style Rules”

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By Shari Weiss


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Kim Kardashian is “demanding” her family “stick” to Kanye West’s “style script,” according to a silly new story from Life & Style. “Kim’s telling [them] they need to step up their game when it comes to fashion if they want to be photographed with her,” a “source” tells the magazine, further noting, “They have to follow [Kanye’s] rules and wear as many designer labels as possible.”

What are the other alleged “style rules”? “Clean silhouettes are a must, classic and neutral hues are preferred, and bold embellishments are off-limits and, of course, only the priciest designers will do,” claims Life & Style.

The outlet’s source adds, “Kanye always has a vision, whether it’s for his tour, his home or the way he dresses. He wants everything in his life to fit in line with that vision.” “And now that he’s marrying into Kim’s family,” says the tabloid, “they’re a bigger part of his life — so they have to get on board with that vision, too.”

So, how does the fam supposedly feel about all the requirements? The Life & Style snitch claims, “They all feel the pressure to keep up with Kanye’s rules, but they also love it. They feel like they’ve been catapulted into the real fashion world, which is something they always dreamed about.”

Please. While Kardashian has openly embraced West’s input, the whole family was known for its fashion choices long before the rapper stepped into the picture. And where was this “source” when Life & Style alleged the family was “deeply concerned” about West “controlling” Kardashian, and wanted to “stage an intervention” over their relationship? Clearly, the magazine seemingly knows very little about West and Kardashian. Regardless, a real insider who’s very close to the Kardashians tells Gossip Cop this new Life & Style story is total “nonsense.”

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