Kanye West “Desperate to Escape” Kim Kardashian, Says Tabloid

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By Daniel Gates


Kanye West has devastated his baby mama Kim Kardashian — by doing his best to remain an ocean apart!” declares the National Enquirer, which has embarrassed itself with a number of outrageously wrong reports about the couple, including a recent cover story falsely alleging that Kardashian is faking her pregnancy.

This time around, the mag trots out the lame, lazy tabloid theory that West is “desperate to escape” Kardashian, staying away from her as she gets closer to her due date. Of course, that’s not actually true. But the Enquirer still insists there’s trouble.

“Things are incredibly tense between Kim and Kanye, and it doesn’t look like it will get better any time soon,” a so-called “insider” tells the outlet. The Enquirer source continues, “As much as he knows that it breaks Kim’s heart, Kanye needs his space. He just won’t put up with the family circus that goes with dating a Kardashian.” Never mind that Kardashian’s reality TV superstardom began years before she and West started dating, and that he was well aware of her family’s lifestyle.

According to the Enquirer insider, Kardashian has also transformed into a “preg-zilla” whose pregnancy demands supposedly have West “at this wit’s end.” “As far as Kanye is concerned, at this point either he takes this time out in Paris or they break up,” declares the tab’s spy. “But whatever happens between them, he’s promised to be there for their baby.” And right there, in the last words of the Enquirer article, the tabloid subtly gives itself an out and admits just how fabricated this story is.

West is purportedly keeping his distance now — but everything will be fine once Kardashian delivers their child this summer. In other words, the Enquirer is putting a conveniently close expiration date on its allegations. Either way, as Gossip Cop has consistently reported, West and Kardashian are NOT having some kind of crisis, despite tabloid rumors. A source close to the situation tells us the Enquirer story is “100 percent false.”

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National Enquirer

Kanye West is desperate to escape Kim Kardashian.

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