Kanye West Is NOT “Refusing” To Have Sex With Kim Kardashian, Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sex

By Shari Weiss

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Sex

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HollywoodLife knows nothing about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. HollywoodLife once wrongly claimed Kardashian and West were filming a reality show in London. HollywoodLife also falsely alleged West was forbidding Kardashian from getting a tummy tuck. And HollywoodLife laughably said West proposed in 2012, a whole year before the couple actually became engaged.

We repeat: HollywoodLife knows nothing about Kardashian and West. That’s why the webloid actually made us do a spit-take tonight and laugh for, oh, seven minutes straight, with its latest “exclusive” headline: “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Why He’s Refusing To Have Sex With Her.” It’s okay. You can laugh, too. We’ll wait.

So, HollywoodLife’s beyond absurd story claims Kardashian is “desperate to sleep with her husband,” but “is having a tough time convincing him to stop working and come to bed with her.” “Now, Kim has resorted to begging Kanye to come home and spend more intimate time together,” says the outlet, which quotes a source as saying, “It sounds ridiculous that the biggest sex symbol of her generation is having to beg for sex but that’s exactly whats happening.”

Yes, HollywoodLife knows its story is ridiculous, yet the webloid still went ahead with its foolishness anyway. The site even goes as far as linking West’s supposed lack of desire to why Kardashian is not yet pregnant with their second child. (HollywoodLife, of course, conveniently fails to mention that it previously alleged Kardashian was sporting a baby bump back in early November. We repeat: HollywoodLife knows nothing.) “For Kim and Kanye to have another baby they have to have sex, which is happening less and less often,” says the site’s “source.”

Okay, so HollywoodLife may have passed middle school sex-ed, but it still knows nothing about Kardashian and West, whose sex life is hardly hurting. The rapper has repeatedly gushed about how much he loves his wife’s body in interviews and on concert stages, and even wrote a song about screwing around with her. Not to mention when the reality star flaunted her post-baby body on Instagram last year, West actually took to Twitter to write, “HEADING HOME NOW.” And when Kardashian’s nude Paper photos were released last month, West tweeted the booty pic with the caption, “#ALLDAY.”

Clearly, when West and Kardashian want to have sex, he’s not going to let work stand in their way. Sources close to the couple joined Gossip Cop in laughing at HollywoodLife’s story, telling us, “This is the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long time.” That’s right — HollywoodLife is a joke.

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