Kanye West Rants About Jay Pharoah Impression: I’m “NOT A JOKE” (VIDEO)

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Kanye West Jay Pharoah

By Daniel Gates


Kanye West Jay Pharoah

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Kanye West called out Jay Pharoah after the comedian’s less-than-flattering impression of him at the MTV Video Music Awards, ranting to the crowd at this weekend’s Made in America festival that he is tired of people mocking his hard work.

The rapper is quoted as telling the audience that he contact Pharoah after the VMAs to say that while he “appreciated” Pharoah’s portrayal, he needed to explain “what I went through to get to that position.” “So we ain’t gonna have no black comedians going onstage spoofing the people that’s working hard, and helping the next man out,” said West.

At another point, West tied Pharoah’s bit to previous “South Park” mockery and other spoofs. “It’s fine and funny and everything, but don’t distract from our vision,” explained the performer. “It’s not a joke what we do up here. This music that we do is not a joke. What we do culturally is not a joke.”

He had more to say. Not surprisingly so, particularly as West is known for his rant, especially when they’re against other notable people (see: Taylor Swift, President Bush). Of course, in West’s defense, he didn’t fire the first shot in this apparent new feud.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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