TAB: Kanye West Proposed to Kim Kardashian After Baby North’s Birth

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By Shari Weiss


“Kanye’s Emotional Proposal to Kim” reads the headline of an OK! story, which goes on to claim, “As their infant daughter lay sleeping nearby, Kanye West offered up his heart to Kim Kardashian and asked her to be his wife.”

“Kim and Kanye were talking to the baby when in mid-sentence, Kanye suddenly asked Kim to marry him,” a so-called “family source” tells the magazine. OK! notes, “Even though Kim has been married twice before, Kanye’s unexpected proposal was so honest and emotional that it took her breath away.”

“Kanye has a billion dollars – he could have sky-written it across LA., but his sincere approach was one of the most tender and touching moments Kim’s had with him,” adds the tab’s alleged snitch. Yes, because the notoriously private West would surely rent a sky-writer to declare his love. Anyway, OK! says the alleged proposal, which supposedly took place the day after baby North’s birth, has “elated” the Kardashian family, and the tab goes on to speculate on when and where the wedding could take place. There’s just one hitch.

It’s all entirely BOGUS. Remember: This is the same magazine that claimed last spring that Kardashian was adopting AND planning to get pregnant (wrong!); that she and West were planning a $20 million wedding in December (not true!); and that the couple was “in crisis” just last month (pathetically false!). In other words, OK! has no idea what’s going on between Kardashian and West. And, like the proposal story floated by The Sun just over a week ago, this one is similarly fabricated. There was NO proposal, a source assures Gossip Cop, adding that the couple is NOT engaged.

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Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian after North West was born.

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