Kanye West “Late” and Unhappy at Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower?

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By Michael Lewittes

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Kanye West “arrived late to Kim Kardashians baby shower” and “didn’t look happy to be there,” reports RadarOnline. A so-called “source” tells the blog, “Kanye arrived as many of the guests were leaving,” adding, “You could tell Kim was wondering where he was.”

“The singer didn’t look happy to be there [and] dodged cameras that were shooting for Kim’s reality show,” adds the purported “insider.” “The singer didn’t look happy”? — yeah, because people typically refer to others by their profession in normal conversation.

Anyway, the supposed “source” goes on to allege, “Kanye looked like he had been sucking on lemons.” “Sucking on lemons”? Is this “source” an octogenarian? Regardless, the bogus insider goes on to say, “Several of Kim’s friends felt sorry for her because Kanye just couldn’t put a genuine smile on his face.” Oh, please. RadarOnline only ran this bogus tale to protect itself after the webloid previously claimed the rapper didn’t want to attend the shower. Also, West was not “late” to the soiree.

It’s traditional for the man to arrive at the end of such functions, and Khloe Kardashian even said beforehand that West would come at the end of the shower because he didn’t want to be the only guy there. And just because the rapper doesn’t go around beaming like Tom Cruise doesn’t mean he’s miserable. A straight face is just West’s demeanor — everyone knows that. It’s unfair that RadarOnline continues to try to stir drama in what are truly happy events for the Kardashian family.

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Kanye West arrived to Kim Kardashian’s baby shower late and was unhappy to be there.

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