Kanye West “Jealous” Of Taylor Swift?

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Kanye West Jealous Taylor Swift

By Daniel Gates

Kanye West Jealous Taylor Swift

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Kanye West is not in a jealous “rage” over Taylor Swift’s success, despite a new Star report claiming he’s “green with envy.” “There’s just something about Taylor that sends Kanye into a rage,” explains a so-called “source” for the outlet. “He just doesn’t get why she’s so successful.”

The rapper was supposedly upset when he found out that Swift’s “Shake It Off” video has several times more hits than his own “Bound 2” video. West is also purportedly still hung up on the infamous moment at the 2009 Video Music Awards when he interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech.

“He can’t let go of a grudge, and it’s never more apparent than with Taylor,” the Star “insider” tells the magazine. “If he hears her music or name, he’ll curse Taylor out as long as anyone will listen.” Wow.

If this all sounds a little peculiar, seeing as how West and Swift are both massive successful artists who don’t even do the same thing, that’s because it’s nothing more than empty sensationalism. It’s almost as though Star wanted to put Swift in a feud with someone, remembered the VMAs controversy from more than five years ago, and decided to revive some kind of non-existent bad blood.

Last week, Star said Swift showed off her “dive dark side” at a photo shoot, and Gossip Cop found out that never happened. That followed a bogus Star report alleging that Swift is anorexic. Star has repeatedly dropped the ball when it comes to West, too, recently claiming he and Kim Kardashian are expecting their second baby (false) and then alleging that the couple fought over the time he’s spent with daughter North (not true). The losing streak continues. Sources close to West tell Gossip Cop the report about him being “jealous” of Swift is “ridiculous.”

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