CLAIM: Kim Kardashian Thinks Kanye West Is Too Fat, Tries to Sabotage His Meals

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By Daniel Gates

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Kim Kardashian is following her gut when it comes to being honest with her self-obsessed fiance, Kanye West,” reports Star.

According to the tabloid, the rapper “was delivered a swift kick in his uncontainable ego after [Kardashian] hinted at the ‘spare tire’ around his stomach and insisted he lose weight.”

“Kim’s tried everything to get Kanye to work out more,” explains a so-called “friend,” adding, “But he’s actually gaining weight instead of losing it.”

Then the story takes a particularly ridiculous turn.

Star says Kardashian “even tries to sabotage Kanye’s meals by telling restaurant servers to ‘hold the dressing and cheese,’ which sources say ‘enrages’ Kanye.”


We know Star has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality when it comes to the couple, but this latest story is just absurd.

Kardashian is NOT changing around West’s meals, convinced he’s too fat.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is “ridiculous and hilarious.”

Sounds about right.

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