CLAIM: Kanye West Designing Daughter North “A Princess Cut Diamond Ring”

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Kanye West North Diamond Ring

By Shari Weiss

Kanye West North Diamond Ring


Kanye West is supposedly designing daughter North “a princess cut diamond ring,” according to a ridiculous new report. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned, however, that the story is completely made up.

It’s no secret that West and Kim Kardashian live a life of luxury, and love dazzling the world with their little girl. But HollywoodLife claims, in one of its so-called “exclusives” (cough), that West “wants to be ‘the first man to put a ring on his girl’s finger,’ so he’s creating a ‘one-of-a-kind diamond ring’ for North to wear on her teeny-tiny ring finger!” We said it was ridiculous.

A so-called “source” tells the webloid that West “says it’s going to be princess cut with her name engraved in the band and will have the biggest diamond on it that she can possibly carry on her little finger.” Of course, HollywoodLife then gives itself an out for when the heavily-photographed North is never seen wearing any such ring. The rapper is supposedly “waiting until she gets a little older and will have [the designer] make it to fit her little finger,” the outlet’s “source” claims.

Right. By the time North is “older,” HollywoodLife hopes everyone will have forgotten about it’s “exclusive.” Exclusive garbage, that is, just like the site’s other untrue stories about West and Kardashian. A source close to the family tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the new ring story is “false.”

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