Kaley Cuoco’s Husband Filmed Her Snoring To Prove Point — WATCH VIDEO!

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Kaley Cuoco Snoring

By Daniel Gates |

Kaley Cuoco Snoring

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Kaley Cuoco’s recent sinus surgery led to an uncomfortable period for the actress, whose husband Ryan Sweeting did his best to care for her. For several mornings following the operation, a heavily medicated and confused Cuoco would wake up tired, convinced she hadn’t slept during the night. Sweeting kept telling her she had, and she didn’t believe him. That’s when he decided to record her snoring on his phone. On Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Cuoco shared the embarrassing footage.

But needing Sweeting to nurse her back to health hasn’t been the only way Cuoco has been the “worst wife” recently, to use her term. At last week’s People’s Choice Awards, the actress won for Favorite Comedic TV Actress and forgot to thank Sweeting.

Later in the show, when “The Big Bang Theory” ensemble took the stage for another honor, Cuooco’s cast mate and ex-boyfriend, Johnny Galecki, thanked Sweeting on Cuoco’s behalf, joking, “You have my heart.” Cuoco thought it was a very nice gesture by her ex, but was mortified that she’d failed to thank Sweeting herself. Also, we learned from her “Ellen” appearance that Cuoco’s addiction to Afrin nose spray is what led to her sinus surgery. Watch the video below!


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