Kaley Cuoco Married Ryan Sweeting Because Of Psychic Told Her To?

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Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting Wedding Psychic

By Michael Lewittes


Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting Wedding Psychic

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Kaley Cuoco was not in a hurry to marry Ryan Sweeting because of a psychic’s prediction, despite a new report that claims the actress had a “team of psychic friends rushing her down the aisle.” Gossip Cop can bust this nonsense, which originated in Star, a magazine that also falsely reported the newlyweds were sleeping in separate beds.

The supermarket tabloid alleges that right before Cuoco met Sweeting, a psychic told her that someone “special” would come into her life, and she “should marry him on New Year’s Eve.” A so-called “pal” tells Star that Cuoco had a “strange feeling come over her” when she met Sweeting, and she “knew that he was the one the psychic told her about.” The outlet goes on to say that the “Big Bang Theory” star “really believes a medium helped her find true love.”

Star, which earlier this month fabricated a story that Cuoco and Sweeting were constantly fighting because she was “bossing” him around, now alleges the couple tied the knot because a medium had advised the actress that they were meant to be. The only truth to this story is that Sweeting and Cuoco got married on New Year’s Eve, but it had nothing to do with a psychic. Star also conveniently forgets to mention that Sweeting was the one who proposed to Cuoco after only three months of dating. Regardless, a source close to Cuoco tells Gossip Cop exclusively that Stars story is “ridiculous.”

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