JWoww: I Thought I Miscarried Before Finding Out I Was Definitely Pregnant

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(Jenni Farley)

By Shari Weiss


Jenni Farley

(Jenni Farley)

JWoww reveals she feared she had a miscarriage before discovering she was successfully pregnant in an intimate new post on her blog. The former “Jersey Shore” star explains that when she first took a few home pregnancy tests last fall, “I got faint lines but they were barely visible so I still wasn’t sure.”

While JWoww set off on a work trip believing she was likely pregnant, boyfriend Roger Matthews was “still skeptical” until those feelings turned to sudden sadness. The reality star writes that at the airport, “When I went to the bathroom, I saw blood and panicked. So many thoughts were running through my head.” “I felt a loss like no other when I thought that I was no longer pregnant,” recalls JWoww. “I whispered it to Roger and for that whole ride we just stared straight ahead and didn’t say a word. I went to bed that night in Nashville praying it was just a thing that happens.”

Thankfully, after her manager bought her a “stupid proof test” the next day, it said “pregnant” and confirmed JWoww’s higest hopes. “I cried and Roger looked like he was going to pass out,” writes the MTV personality. JWoww adds, “That day in Nashville I was on cloud nine. I also want to apologize to anyone in Nashville because I was super nauseous and super happy which probably made me look like a crazy person!” The mom-to-be also shared a photo of her still barely-visible, four-month bump (see above and below).

Jenni Farley

(Jennie Farley)

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