JWoww Blasts North Dakota Airport Security For Treating Her “Like a Criminal”


By Daniel Gates


“Jersey Shore” personality JWoww slammed airport security personnel on Twitter after an unpleasant experience in Fargo, North Dakota.

The reality star, whose real name is Jenni Farley, was in the city for an appearance at nightclub The Hub on Saturday. But the fun ended when Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers allegedly singled her out for an additional search after she’d already started to board her flight.

She tweeted, “Fargo ND airport just treated me like a criminal.. Holy sh*t! Travel 2x a week and never went thru what I did here. Has anyone got ‘randomly selected’ while walking on a plane and asked to ‘come with them’ to be additionally searched?” Farley asked her followers. She added, “I wasn’t randomly selected cuz I saw the tsa there pointing at me while I was getting a coffee 15 min prior.”

Farley says she’s a seasoned veteran of airport checkpoints, but felt like the Fargo personnel went too far. She tweeted, “I’ve been patted down a bunch n don’t mind but after I’m getting on a plane seems odd and deliberate to me. Hate when people abuse authority.”

The TSA has responded to Gossip Cop, saying, “As part of TSA’s layered approach to security, passengers may be subject to various random screening measures at the checkpoint or the gate. In this case, a number of passengers were randomly selected according to a pre-set protocol for gate screening prior to boarding an aircraft.”

While JWoww tweeted about having been “patted down,” the TSA claims, “This particular screening protocol consisted of a simple swab of passenger’s hands and did not include a pat down or additional screening of carry-on items.”

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