Justin Timberlake Dishes About Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears


By Daniel Gates

(Getty Images)

Justin Timberlake goes in depth with Playboy about his own career in a new interview, but the singer-actor also had some interesting opinions about other superstars.

“Let’s talk about Lady Gaga for a minute,” says Timberlake. “She’s a force. Beyond awesome…. If I were Lady Gaga, I’d do whatever I wanted, which it looks like she’s doing. She’s just plain old good.”

The former boy bander also thinks highly of Justin Bieber, but warns him to keep his eyes on the future. “He’s obviously a talented kid,” reflects Timberlake. “I just hope he has a good support system, because I think back on myself wearing the cornrows. It’s awkward growing up in front of the public.”

“[Bieber’s mentor Usher] will teach him that you can’t just ride this out,” he adds. “You need to have somewhere to go. You need to have a plan, and somebody like Justin Bieber should be thinking about that right now. Otherwise, before you know it, there’s going to be some kid who’s younger than you.”

Timberlake also blasts a spate of unflattering Internet videos comparing early performances by his ex Britney Spears with current ones. “What a f**ked-up thing to do,” says Timberlake, calling the Internet a “cruel place.” “People think they can say anything and it doesn’t matter to people. I’d love to see the people who comment about Britney online say those things to her face, because they couldn’t. Also, in Britney’s defense, if you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the s**t I did then either.” What do you think of Timberlake’s recent interview?

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