Justin Timberlake “Moving On” With Mila Kunis?

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By Michael Lewittes


“J.T. Is Moving On… With Mila Kunis!” exclaims Perez Hilton in a headline, linking Justin Timberlake to his Friends with Benefits costar. “That didn’t take long now did it?! Good for him!” adds the blogger.

On the heels of Timberlake’s breakup with Jessica Biel, Perez writes, “Justin might be living up to the name of his new movie, Friends with Benefits, with his costar, Mila Kunis.” He further claims the two “have been very ‘flirty’ ever since they shot the movie together.” Come on Perez, you know that kind of claim just breathes trouble.

Not that anyone asked Perez for his opinion, but the blogger offers, “We…approve! She’s a hot-ticket lady these days and J.T.’s made a nice name for himself as a movie man.”

Here’s what’s right in Perez’s story: Timberlake and Kunis costar in Friends With Benefits. Here’s what’s wrong: Everything else.

Timberlake is NOT moving on with Kunis, end of story. Sources close to both stars assure Gossip Cop that Timberlake and Kunis are NOT romantically involved, and that they simply worked together. Gossip Cop is fairly certain we’ll be busy debunking similarly wrong stories now that Timberlake is single again. Stay tuned for the next “new girlfriend”…

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Justin Timberlake is moving on with Mila Kunis.

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