CLAIM: Justin Timberlake Using Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking

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By Michael Lewittes


Justin Timberlake is so determined to snuff out his cigarette habit that he’s taking his buddy Ben Affleck’s advice to be put into a trance,” begins a piece in the National Enquirer, which notes the singer-actor is using “hypnotherapy to help stop smoking.”


According to the supermarket tabloid, Affleck “recommended that Timberlake also see a hypnotist” to quit smoking, the way he allegedly did.

The magazine claims Timberlake is now “working with a hypnotist to reduce his cravings,” and it seems the “Suit & Tie” singer is “getting off his ‘butt.'”

The only ones in a “trance” here are the writers at the Enquirer.

Despite the cutesy puns and all, a source close to Timberlake tells Gossip Cop the hypnotist story is “ridiculous.”

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