TAB: Jennifer Aniston Turned “Whipped” Justin Theroux Into “Stuck-Up Snob”

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By Michael Lewittes


Jennifer Aniston has Justin Theroux “whipped!” according to Star.

The magazine, which embarrassingly reported the couple had broken up just days before they got engaged, claims Aniston has changed Theroux “from mellow and friendly to arrogant and self-absorbed.”

Where’s the evidence for this alleged about-face?

Star says Theroux acted like a “stuck-up snob” at a recent L.A. birthday party thrown by Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher.

A supposed “source” for the tab reveals that Aniston and Theroux “kept to themselves all night and avoided talking to Sacha and Isla’s other guests,” noting, “It was awkward, since it was such a small party.”

No offense, but if it was such a small party, then why was a person who leaks supposed celebrity gossip to Star invited?

Anyway, the mag’s “insider” goes on to claim that Theroux’s behavior has only worsened since became engaged to Aniston.

The source alleges, “Before their engagement, Justin was very friendly. Now you’re lucky if you can get a high five out of him.”

Maybe he just doesn’t give high fives, along with the rest of us who live in the year 2012.

Let’s face it: This story makes no sense.

And Star knows little, if anything, about Aniston and Theroux’s relationship, as it’s proven time and again with its constant false reports about the couple, such as last week’s cover story that they were having a baby girl.

In any case, a source close to Theroux tells Gossip Cop the tab’s story is “nonsense.”

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