Justin Theroux Warns Brad Pitt to Back Off Jennifer Aniston?

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(In Touch)

By Daniel Gates

(In Touch)

Even though Brad Pitt has explained, at length, his candid Parade magazine remarks about Jennifer Aniston, the tabloids insist on fanning the flames, doing everything they can to create the illusion of a “war” between the exes.

Now, In Touch is bringing a new player into the mix. Aniston’s beau, Justin Theroux, was supposedly “devastated that Jen had been picked on again” and “decided to fight back.” According to the magazine’s so-called “confidante,” Theroux called a mutual friend of his and Pitt’s to send the Moneyball star a warning. “He said he should keep his mouth shut about his life with Jen,” claims the tab source.

Theroux also “called a powerful studio executive” to complain about Pitt and label him a “wimp” and “loud-mouth bully,” alleges the “confidante,” who adds that Theroux would physically fight Pitt if he could. Of course, as far as In Touch is concerned, there was nothing innocent about Pitt’s controversial quotes in the first place.

“A family friend believes Brad dissed Jen in Parade for one reason: to please his new love and Jen’s archenemy, Angelina,” reports the magazine. “It’s as if Angelina specifically told Brad to say those thing in the interview,” explains this “friend,” with a different “insider” reasoning that Jolie is too “calculating” to attack Aniston directly, so “she gets Brad to do her dirty work.”

OK, so just to be clear, Justin Theroux wants to duel Brad Pitt for Jennifer Aniston’s honor, and Pitt is just a stooge for villainess Angelina Jolie, who’s using Parade magazine to wage her secret war against Aniston. That’s In Touch‘s premise.

Here’s what actually happened: Pitt said some things in an interview that were misinterpreted, and he apologized for them. He’s in a happy relationship. Aniston’s in a happy relationship. All four people work in show business and understand how things get twisted, and there’s no bad blood among any of them. The end.

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