Justin Theroux: I’m “Riddled” And “Ruined” With Tattoos

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By Michael Lewittes

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Justin Theroux opens up about his drunken tattoo sessions with ink artist Scott Campbell in a new interview with Vanity Fair.

The actor says that he is “riddled” and “ruined” with tattoos that were mostly done by Campbell, but he doesn’t regret any of them — at least “not yet.”

When it comes to choosing tattoo designs, Theroux says he trusts Campbell’s taste.

“I usually throw out a few buckshot ideas, and then let him go back to the lab and scribble out a couple of drawings,” he explains.

“Then I just—you know, he did my entire back—and I’ve never looked back,” he continues laughing. “I was just, like, “Do whatever the hell you want.”

The two became friends before having what Theroux describes as a “couple of drunken tattoo nights.”

The actor even admits to giving Campbell some ink in return.

“I did a really great wolf’s head. I did an amazing skull and crossbones. I did a stunning yin-yang on him,” he explains, noting that they aren’t exactly perfect.

“I messed every single one of them up. But he kind of likes it,” he says. “I did a yin-yang, which is probably one of the worst yin-yangs. We laughed so hard. It might be one of the worst yin-yangs ever made. A little bit egg-shaped.”

Theroux says the don’t cover his tats for nude scenes on The Leftovers because “I have so many, or the ones that I have are so big.”

What do you think of Theroux’s tattoo confessions?

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