Jennifer Aniston’s Beau Justin Theroux and Courteney Cox’s Fiance Johnny McDaid Hate Each Other, Claims Magazine

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Johnny McDaid Justin Theroux

By Daniel Gates


Johnny McDaid Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston’s fiance Justin Theroux and Courteney Cox’s fiance Johnny McDaid hate each other, claims OK!, a magazine that sometimes prints outright falsehoods in a desperate bid for attention. “Johnny thinks Justin’s an arrogant jerk, and Justin thinks Johnny’s beneath him,” a so-called “source” tells the outlet.

According to the tabloid, “Jennifer and Courteney have tried everything to convince the loves of their lives to become buds, but with no luck — the men just don’t get along.” “Johnny just irritates the hell out of Justin,” explains the OK! source.

Quick reminder: OK! makes all of this stuff up. How do we know? McDaid and Theroux recently hung out happily at a Details party.

It sounds like the magazine this week got tired of inventing drama for Aniston and Cox, opting instead to drag their respective men into things. It’s 100 percent untrue. The story is “obviously false,” a source close to the couples exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

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Justin Theroux and Johnny McDaid hate each other.

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