Justin Theroux Did NOT Dump Jennifer Aniston On Wedding Day, Despite Report

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Justin Theroux Dumped Jennifer Aniston

By Daniel Gates


Justin Theroux Dumped Jennifer Aniston

(In Touch)

Justin Theroux did NOT dump Jennifer Aniston “hours before her dream wedding,” despite a ridiculous new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story, which began on the cover of In Touch, a magazine that recently invented a reprehensible and false “miscarriage” rumor about Aniston.

According to the outlet, Theroux dumped Aniston “at the altar,” with the “shocking decision” allegedly ruining Aniston’s “big day.” In Touch says the couple had booked a private beachside site for their nuptials in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, only for Theroux to “[pull] the plug” with hours to spare.

None of this is true. In Touch made it all up. In Touch makes up lots of stories about Aniston, including a number of bogus pregnancy stories and false Theroux breakup reports.

The outlet’s new piece claims Theroux got “cold feet” at the last minute and decided to postpone the couple’s nuptials. “Justin told Jen he felt the timing wasn’t right — he wanted to push it to December or January because he thought the weather would be nice then,” a so-called “source” ludicrously tells In Touch. “Jen was crushed and thought it was the lamest excuse yet. She truly felt she’d been dumped at the altar.”

Let Gossip Cop explain what’s really happening here: In Touch and other tabloids keep inventing fictional wedding dates for Aniston and Theroux. When the couple doesn’t get married on the made-up date, the outlets make it seem like there was some kind of dramatic last-minute decision.

That’s how we come to the point where In Touch claims there have been “four canceled weddings” for the couple. Wrong. There have been zero canceled weddings. Aniston and Theroux have never pulled the plug on a wedding, because they’ve never set a wedding date.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the In Touch cover story is “totally false.”

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