Jennifer Aniston NOT “Dumped” By Justin Theroux On Wedding Day (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jennifer Aniston Dumped

By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston Dumped

(Life & Style)

The new Life & Style cover story claims Justin Theroux dumped Jennifer Aniston on their wedding day.

Life & Style is full of sh*t.

Here’s what actually happened.

Life & Style wanted to run a cover story about Theroux and Aniston but had nothing new or interesting to say.

(The magazine has spread false stories about the couple for years — a track record so embarrassing and sloppy, the only remaining mystery is how ridiculous the next story will be.)

Meanwhile, Life & Style also told everyone that Aniston and Theroux had set a wedding date for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this month.

That, obviously, didn’t happen, because the tabloid made it up.

So Life & Style was in a pickle.

It had to explain to readers how the fake wedding it fake-reported never took place in the real world.

That’s how we get this week’s cover story, complete fiction about how a “fight tore them apart” just “hours before the ceremony in Mexico.”

According to Life & Style, Theroux “pulled the plug at the very last minute.”

A so-called “close friend” tells the outlet, “Justin is a runaway groom.”


There was no wedding date, no ceremony, no last-minute fight, no runaway groom.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the cover story is “hilarious” — but 100 percent bogus.

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