CLAIM: Justin Theroux Had “Wild Night” Of Butt Grabbing While Jen Aniston Was Gone

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By Daniel Gates

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Justin Theroux had a “wild night” without Jennifer Aniston, claims Life & Style. According to the tabloid, while the actress was off in California, Theroux “got his flirt on” at the New York premiere party for Captain America: The Winter Soldier last month.

“He was being extremely friendly with a woman at the bar who was telling him all about her screenwriting,” a source tells the magazine. The Life & Style tipster adds, “She asked if she could grab his a** — and he said, ‘Sure,’ and turned his butt toward her, and she gave it a grab!”

“He was really enjoying the opportunity to blend in and have some fun with ‘regular’ people as opposed to secluding himself in the VIP area like he has to do when he’s out with Jen,” observes the supposed eyewitness. Sure.

Life & Style, of course, fails to give this mystery woman a name. The tab also doesn’t explain how Theroux could purportedly flirt in a very public way with her at a big event and not have any of the other “regular people” mention anything to anyone in the days following the party.

This is the same magazine that wrongly speculated Theroux and Aniston were in trouble last year because she got a haircut. It’s the outlet that falsely said they were preparing to welcome a baby back in 2012.

Life & Style keeps publishing bogus stories about Theroux and Aniston, and now wants to be taken seriously on a purported butt-grabbing. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the latest report suggesting that Theroux was being inappropriate with another woman is “totally false.”

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