Justin Bieber Fighting With One Direction Over Selena Gomez and Popularity?

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By Daniel Gates



Justin Bieber is locking horns with the boy band One Direction in a jealous feud over Selena Gomez,” reports the National Enquirer.

Hmm… this sounds awfully familiar. “It all began when handsome, blonde band member Niall Horan… publicly declared that he thought Justin’s girl was ‘cute’ [and] then made a beeline for Selena at the Kids Choice Awards in March,” explains the tabloid. Oh, now we remember! We busted this nonsense six weeks ago!

Ah, but that was just the beginning, claims the Enquirer! Bieber is allegedly “on the warpath,” fearful of losing both Gomez and his popularity. A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Justin is furious with One Direction, and Niall in particular for going after Selena.”

“Meanwhile, Justin feels so threatened by One Direction’s worldwide success he turned down their management team’s offer for him to collaborate with them,” continues the Enquirer source, adding, “There’s just a lot of bad blood between Justin and One Direction.” No. There is not. Ever since One Direction broke through in America, tabloids have tried to fabricate a feud between the group and Bieber — and it simply is not true. The Enquirer and other outlets want conflict between two of the biggest teen fan bases in the world, because that’s what sells magazines. But sources close to both One Direction and Bieber tell Gossip Cop there is absolutely no “bad blood” whatsoever between them.

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