TAB: Justin Bieber is Secretly Sexting Vanessa Hudgens

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By Michael Lewittes



Justin Bieber has the hots for Vanessa Hudgens,” reports the National Enquirer, which says the pop icon’s supposed new crush has left Selena Gomez “steaming mad!”

The mag claims The Biebs “flipped” for Hudgens when he visited Gomez on the Spring Breakers set in Florida in February and March.

According to an alleged “source” for the supermarket tabloid, “He was there to see Selena, but he wound up falling hard for Vanessa. He couldn’t stop raving about how smart, sexy and talented she is.”

Adds the purported insider, “He loves the fact that Vanessa is like Selena, but minus the goody-two-shoes personality.” The Enquirer goes on to claim that Bieber and Hudgens have been “secretly texting each other since Spring Breakers wrapped,” and quotes another alleged pal as saying, “Their banter tends to get very suggestive.” Gomez has supposedly now gotten wind of their so-called sexting, claims the mag’s source, and is “threatening to dump Justin unless he cuts ties with Vanessa.”

Wow, that sounds about as dramatic as the Spring Breakers plot… And just as believable. Not to mention the fact that Hudgens is also in a serious relationship with Austin Butler. Anyway, a rep for Bieber laughed off the rumor to Gossip Cop, saying, “Where do they get this stuff?!”

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