Justin Bieber Spends More Than $50,000 a Week, Claims Mag

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By Michael Lewittes


Justin Bieber is a “certified shopaholic,” reports Star, which claims the pop singer’s “over-the-top retail habit” is “making his management team nervous.”

According to unnamed “sources” for the mag, “The Biebs is blowing through cash at an alarming rate, spending more than $50,000 a week on designer clothes, hotel room parties and gifts for his friends.”

One so-called “friend,” who was apparently not on the receiving end of any of these supposed presents, tells the mag, “Justin has a black Amex with no credit limit.”

The alleged insider tells the mag that if Bieber finds something he likes, such as a pair of jeans, he’ll buy a dozen.

“He has an addictive personality, and shopping is just one of his fixations,” adds the purported pal.

The tab’s so-called source concludes, “The word ‘budget’ just isn’t in his vocabulary.”

And the term fact-check is unfortunately not in Star’s lexicon.

A rep for Bieber tells Gossip Cop the mag’s story is complete “b.s.”

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