Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Meet Up At His Recording Studio

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By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez meet up

(Getty Images)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a rendezvous at his recording studio on Tuesday night. The Biebs was at the Hit Factory in Miami recording some music when late at night he got a special visit from his on-and-off girlfriend. Some sites, however, are trying to make it seem like Gomez didn’t fully have her faculties when she arrived, but Gossip Cop can debunk that.

In video footage Gossip Cop has seen, Gomez was escorted to the front of the studio, holding onto the arm of another woman. Standing by the door, waiting rather gentlemanly for Gomez, was Bieber in a red baseball cap. Places like TMZ, which bought the footage from one of the paparazzi agencies, tried to make more of Gomez’s entrance than it was. The generally reliable site noted that she “seemed REAL unsteady” and “appeared to be holding onto the woman tightly.”

But as Gossip Cop said, we’ve seen the paparazzi footage, and Gomez was not in any altered state, as implied by the site. She clearly was clinging to the other who seemed more like a bodyguard. TMZ similarly makes a big deal about Gomez’s eyes being “closed as she walks” in to the studio, but it seems more like she’s acting coy with Bieber, who met her by the door. We just wish other outlets didn’t always try to create scandal, where there isn’t any.

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