HollywoodLife Has Ruined Christmas With Endless Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez Lies

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Christmas

By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Christmas


HollywoodLife has killed Christmas. We want to be festive. We want to celebrate the season. But we can’t. Because HollywoodLife is the Grinch of the Internet, exploiting good-hearted people and turning the holidays into a time of despair and darkness. What we mean is, HollywoodLife is writing about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez again.

Gossip Cop has pointed out that HollywoodLife gets pretty much everything wrong when it comes to Gomez and Bieber and anyone else in their lives. Heck, Gomez herself has said that HollywoodLife never tells the truth about her. But the webloid has gone berserk in recent weeks, pumping out an endless series of contradictory and nonsensical “exclusives” about the on-and-off couple. These stories are filled with phony quotes from imaginary sources, and are typically either (1) totally untrue, or (2) the exact opposite of the previous report.

(HollywoodLife also frequently steals stories from Gossip Cop and claims them as their own. Recently, they’ve swiped Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus exclusives from us. It’s annoying, but at least the site finally gets some stories right when they steal. Anyway, we digress.)

On Friday, HollywoodLife announced: “Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Are Ruining Selena Gomez’s Christmas.” The site alleged that Bieber is “making Selena super sad” by spending time with his friend Baldwin. “Selena is trying very hard to pretend that she isn’t upset about Justin and Hailey, but the truth is it’s killing her. She’s having a major breakdown. It’s putting such a dark cloud over the holidays,” said the webloid’s source.

Interesting. Just out of curiosity, what did HollywoodLife write EARLIER on Friday? “Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: Are His Feelings For Selena Gomez In The Way?” was the headline then. That story started this way: “Justin has been spending a lot of time with Hailey but we have a source that tells HollywoodLife.com that he still has strong feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Selena!” Oh, so the OPPOSITE of what HollywoodLife wrote later.

It never ends. Whenever Bieber or Gomez does ANYTHING, HollywoodLife turns it into a sensational story about a currently non-existent relationship. That’s how we got this headline from the webloid even later on Friday: “Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin: PDA On Go-Kart Date — Taunting Selena?” Like lots of HollywoodLife stories, there’s no logic to it.

“Justin and Hailey flaunted their relationship during their recent go-kart date, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Is the singer intentionally flirting with Hailey so his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, gets jealous?” No, he’s not. And there is no evidence of PDA. And when he spends time with people who aren’t Selena Gomez, his actions aren’t all about Selena Gomez.

HollywoodLife then says, “Before Jelena fans freak out over Justin’s joyride with Hailey, we’ve learned she can not replace Selena in his heart.” So… what exactly was the point of the story, then? Could it be that HollywoodLife just wanted a headline with “PDA” and everyone’s name in it? Seems likely, because a story claiming that Bieber supposedly puts Gomez “on a pedestal” AND says he’s “taunting” Gomez is a story that no one with three brain cells believes.

On Saturday, HollywoodLife announced, “Selena Gomez Wants To Buy Justin Bieber A Romantic Christmas Present.” “Selena is all over the place when it comes to Justin. One minute she hates him and the next minute she’s talking about getting him a Christmas present. Her friends are telling her not to buy him anything, though, because he has to be the one to make the move,” a source tells the outlet “EXCLUSIVELY.”

Um, it’s not Gomez that’s “all over the place.” It’s HollywoodLife. There is no consistency to these stories. There is no internal logic. There is no external logic. There is no reporting. There are no real sources. There is no value.

We know we keep writing similar stories about how awful HollywoodLife’s reporting on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is. But people keep sending us the articles and asking for a reaction. We can only say: Do not feed these trolls. This is a webloid that will say seemingly anything if it thinks it can fool fans into clicking. It is the rock-bottom worst that “entertainment news” has to offer. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are not “ruining” Christmas for Selena Gomez. HollywoodLife is ruining Christmas for everyone.

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