Justin Bieber’s Scarlett Leithold Picture Sparks Baseless Speculation

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Justin Bieber Scarlett Leithold

By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Scarlett Leithold


Justin Bieber is torn between Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin, says HollywoodLife. Also, he’s trying to hook up with Scarlett Leithold, says HollywoodLife. And we’re sure HollywoodLife will link Bieber to a fourth woman soon enough. Making up stuff about Bieber’s love life is sort of HollywoodLife’s expertise!

The webloid has been on quite a run when it comes to contradictory stories about Bieber. As Gossip Cop previously reported over the weekend, HollywoodLife claimed Bieber got his new private jet over Christmas in order to sweep Gomez off her feet. Then the site claimed to have an exclusive confirmation that Bieber planned to spend New Year’s Eve with Baldwin. The Gomez and Baldwin stories were never reconciled.

On Sunday, Gossip Cop pointed out that HollywoodLife had side-by-side stories alleging that Gomez had “moved past” Bieber and that she was allegedly “tempting him” with selfies. These things are opposites. HollywoodLife never bothered to explain those posts, either. Why be consistent? The truth doesn’t matter. Clicks do.

Now HollywoodLife has a new name to play with after Bieber posted the photo of model Scarlett Leithold. Never mind the fact that the outlet just finished posting a story called, “Justin Bieber: Torn Between Hailey Baldwin & Selena Gomez.” In that story, the blog reported, “Justin’s got a dilemma — his heart is torn in two between longtime lover Selena and hot new flame Hailey!.. [he] just can’t seem to get a grip on what his heart wants! He’s reportedly battling strong feelings for both [Baldwin] and [Gomez]. He’s so torn that he is in ‘a constant circle of doing the same thing over and over again.'” The word “exclusive” was slapped all over the HollywoodLife report.

Lo and behold, as soon as Bieber posted a picture of Leithold, HollywoodLife forgot all about its Gomez and Baldwin “exclusive” and raced to post a new “exclusive” about Leithold. “Anytime he posts a pic of a girl on any of his social media, it’s is only for one reason — to hookup with them,” a HollywoodLife “source” says of Bieber, never explaining how this potential hookup would fit in with the never-ending Gomez/Baldwin narrative.

Is it possible Bieber is romantically interested in Leithold? Sure. But HollywoodLife’s constant stream of stories about his past, present and potential future romances makes no sense when viewed together. If the site’s sources are so good, why hadn’t Leithold come up before? Why is there no additional context for his supposed infatuation with her? And if Bieber allegedly got his private jet to impress Gomez, and made New Year’s Eve plans with Baldwin, why would he so publicly announce his intention to go after Leithold? None of this is coherent. Whether you have hypertension or not, take HollywoodLife with a grain of salt.

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