HollywoodLife Seems To Hope Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are “In Agony”

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Selena Gomez Sad

By Daniel Gates

Selena Gomez Sad


We’ll stop pointing out how bad HollywoodLife is when HollywoodLife stops being so bad. Continuing to treat everything Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez do with hysterical overreaction, the webloid spent Sunday trying to make it seem as though the two stars are set for a completely miserable Christmas apart.

“Justin Bieber: Sending Sad Christmas Message To Selena Gomez?” was the blog’s first headline, accompanied by a story sensationalizing the “sad and lonely” selfie The Biebs had posted of himself on Shots. HollywoodLife notes, “’Merry Christmas,’ was all the caption read, but Justin’s photo wasn’t very merry at all. In fact, it really looked like he was missing someone — Selena.” Did Bieber actually mention Gomez? Nope. Was there any contextual evidence to believe his photo had anything to do with Gomez? Nope. Did the picture pretty much look like the last several dozen Shots selfies he’s taken? Yep.

About an hour later, HollywoodLife posted the headline, “Selena Gomez Heads Home To Texas For Christmas: In Agony Over Justin Bieber.” The premise of this masterpiece seems to be that Gomez cannot be happy unless she’s with Bieber, even if she IS with her loved ones. Gomez spent the weekend posting photos and video of herself celebrating and smiling and laughing (see below). HollywoodLife thinks she’s faking.

“Even though she’s putting on a happy face for friends and family in Texas, a source close to the star has told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that she’s having trouble getting over Justin,” reports the site. Gomez can’t win. If she isn’t smiling, HollywoodLife says it’s because of Bieber. If she is smiling, HollywoodLife says the smile isn’t real because of Bieber.

What HollywoodLife always seems to be arguing is that Selena Gomez has no significance as a person other than her value as Justin Bieber’s on-and-off girlfriend. The blog also seems to believe that Bieber is incapable of doing anything in public without it being a direct reflection on his status with Gomez. It stands to reason that when HollywoodLife declaratively announces that Gomez is “in agony” this Christmas, it’s at least part wishful thinking. After all, Gomez and Bieber being happy isn’t interesting to HollywoodLife. Their supposed “sadness” is. HollywoodLife is the worst.

Selena Gomez Sad


Selena Gomez Sad


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