WATCH: Justin Bieber In Poo Bear “Work For It” Music Video

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Justin Bieber Poo Bear Video

By Daniel Gates


Justin Bieber Poo Bear Video


Justin Bieber makes a cameo in the new “Work For It” music video from Poo Bear. The Biebs is seen being fitted for some fancy clothes as Poo Bear looks on admiringly. While Bieber does not sing in the video, he does make quite the impression with gold shoes and some soulful glances at the camera.

The video also features Tyga, who raps a verse while surrounded by some sexy, friendly ladies. Overall, the song is a smooth R&B slow jam from Poo Bear, whose real name Jason Boyd. Soulja Boy also appears, as do online video stars like Nash Grier and Matthew Espinosa.

In the video, Poo Bear basically tells his girlfriend that he’s going to make her “work for it.” As he explains, “You wanna turn me on, Wanna make me scream your name. You wanna be in full control, you don’t want me to maintain. Who do you think you are? Acting like you’re in charge. And that’s the main to me, thinking that I don’t go hard.” Poo Bear is NOT playing around. Do not test him.

Anyway, check out the video below, and tell us what you think. Bieber’s cameo comes around the 2:30 mark, with Tyga after that.

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