Justin Bieber to Arresting Officer: “What The F*ck Are You Doing?”

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(Miami PD)

By Daniel Gates

(Miami PD)

(Miami PD)

Justin Bieber’s police report has been released following his early morning arrest in Miami.

The pop star was officially arrested at 4:13 a.m. for resisting arrest without violence, DUI, drag racing and driving with an expired license.

Here’s what transpired, according to the arresting officer.

The cop saw Bieber’s rented Lamborghini and another vehicle (belonging to R&B singer Khalil) drag race in a residential area after two black SUVs helped clear the road.

The sports cars reached an approximate speed of 55-60 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone.

According to the report, officers then stopped both vehicles.

When a cop approached Bieber’s halted Lamborghini, he asked Bieber to put it in park, at which point Bieber allegedly asked, “Why did you stop me?”

The officer smelled alcohol on Bieber’s breath and saw that his eyes were bloodshot; the report describes Bieber as having a “stupor look on his face.”

When Bieber was asked to exit the vehicle, he allegedly told the cop, “Why the f*ck are you doing this?”

He eventually got out of the car but kept his hands in his pants pockets, despite the officer instructing him not to do so.

The cop initiated a patdown for weapons, asking Bieber to put his hands on the vehicle.

Bieber reportedly said, “What the f*ck did I do? Why did you stop me?” and was uncooperative, not following the officer’s instructions.

“I ain’t got no f*cking weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f*ck is this about?” Bieber is said to have asked the officer, again removing his hands from the vehicle and not cooperating.

The cop then put Bieber under arrest, which Bieber allegedly resisted, pulling away his arm and shouting, “What the f*ck are you doing?”

Bieber was ultimately taken into custody and transported to the Miami Beach Police Department.

While in the police car, Bieber told officers that he was not drunk, and that he was coming back from recording music at a studio.

When officers gave him a field sobriety test, Bieber flunked.

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