Webloid WRONG Again About Justin Bieber and Playboy Mansion

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By Michael Lewittes


HollywoodLife, which has built itself on inaccurate reporting, once again can’t get a story right. The webloid, which recently fabricated an engagement story involving Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, WRONGLY reported yesterday that Bieber’s been “spending lots of time at the Playboy mansion,” “has unlimited access” to the place, and even “celebrated his birthday” there. But being exposed as hacks once isn’t enough for the site, which clearly favors outrageousness over accuracy. Today, the bad blog has a follow-up tale about why Bieber “loves” going to the Playboy mansion “so often.”

Quoting one of their imaginary friends, HollywoodLife writes, “There are two main reasons he loves [the Playboy mansion] so much. First off, it gives him privacy that he can’t often get from anywhere else and he is never bugged by anyone while there. He loves the game room and just hanging out and loves bringing friends. Also, when he is there, it’s one of the few times that he really feels like a celebrity, so it is a major ego-booster. Selena is also invited anytime she wants as well.”

Of course, HollywoodLife can’t seem to give one example or date of when he’s been at the mansion. That’s because the story was wrong yesterday. It’s wrong today. And it will be wrong again tomorrow. As Bieber’s own rep tells Gossip Cop, “He has never been” to the Playboy mansion.

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