Justin Bieber Wants To Flee America For Canada?

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Justin Bieber Leaving America

By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Leaving America

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Justin Bieber “whined to pals” that Americans hate him, claims the National Enquirer in a story as ridiculous as it is wrong.

According to the outlet, the following is a “quote” made by Bieber at a recent charity event — please hold your laughter:

“Everyone’s suddenly against me in America! Maybe I should move back to Canada! Wherever I go, I’m not made to feel wanted. First, the Calabasas neighbors (the ones he egged and spit at) were against me… and now the Beverly Hills neighbors (who call cops about his noisy, drug fueled parties) are against me!”

Um, that “quote” is as fake as it gets. Bieber never said it. Bieber never said anything like it. The only thing worse than the Enquirer’s understanding of quotation marks is its track record with fictional stories about Bieber. The pop star is not fleeing to Canada just because he’s had problems with neighbors in Los Angeles. A source close to Bieber assures Gossip Cop the story is “ludicrous.”

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