Terry Bradshaw: Justin Bieber Should NOT Have Been Allowed At Steelers Bible Study

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Justin Bieber Steelers Jinx

By Shari Weiss

Justin Bieber Steelers Jinx


Justin Bieber’s prayer session with the Pittsburgh Steelers is raising eyebrows in light of the team’s embarrassing loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. While some have been quick to suggest that the controversial singer “cursed” the team, one legendary Steeler Terry Bradshaw is offering a unique perspective.

The former NFL quarterback played for the Steelers for his entire pro career, from 1970 to 1983. During that time, the team won four Super Bowls and Bradshaw was named Super Bowl MVP twice. So, does the Hall of Famer approve of the Steelers allowing Bieber to join them for Bible Study the night before a game?

“It’s automatically assumed he’s a jinx. That’s ridiculous,” Bradshaw tells TMZ. “Would Bieber be a disruption? Well, I wouldn’t have had him there.” The one-time star athlete goes on, “The only time I recall the Steelers teams I played on letting outsiders worship with us was at the Super Bowl… and it was with our families because they traveled with us.”

But if other “outsiders” are allowed to attend, particularly super famous ones, “Your focus isn’t where it should be,” says Bradshaw. He adds, “If [Bieber] had been a part of the team from the beginning… fine. But a one-timer, no.”

As Gossip Cop reported, three Steelers players shared photos they took with Bieber at the religious meeting, though he hasn’t mentioned it on social media at all. (See defensive end Cam Heyward’s pic above.) The next day, the team went on to lose 20-13 to the Jets, a team that had won only one other game this season. Of course, Bieber has been at the center of numerous controversies in recent years, some fairly and others not so much. Who ever thought one would center around prayer?

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