Justin Bieber Criticized for Pushing Argentina Flag Off Stage During Concert

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By Shari Weiss


(Getty Images)

Justin Bieber’s recent concerts in Buenos Aires are making headlines for more than just the singer’s illness. As Gossip Cop previously reported, the teen superstar took to the stage despite suffering from food poisoning, and performed for as long as he could withstand the pain. Bieber has vowed to return to Argentina to make it up to disappointed fans who were crushed when his concert was cut short.

But now he’s had another mishap. A video taken during Saturday’s concert shows him kicking an Argentina flag that had been thrown on stage, and then using his mic stand to push it away and on to the floor below. Many are calling the performer’s actions disrespectful, given the sacred nature of countries’ flags. And it is even against the law in Argentina to insult the flag in any way, with the penalties including up to four years in prison.

It seems Bieber just made an innocent mistake in the throes of a hectic live show. It is very possible that he may not have even known what it was at the time, but some are calling for a formal apology. If and when Bieber apologizes, Gossip Cop will have updates. Note: Video is no longer available.

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