CLAIM: Justin Bieber “Not a Fan” Of Selena Gomez’s New Music

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By Michael Lewittes



Justin Bieber is “not a fan” of Selena Gomezs new music, reports the coterie of know-nothings on the unbearable VH1 show “The Gossip Table.”

One of the show’s unseasoned panelists from HollywoodLife — who pathetically spends more time on the episode promoting her terribly unreliable site and trying to earn more Twitter followers than actually discussing any real celebrity news — claims The Biebs “doesn’t like” his on-and-off girlfriend’s latest songs from her upcoming album “Stars Dance.”

“He thinks her music is okay, and that his is way better,” alleges the confused reporter. Yes, because singers only think of music in relation to their own. Anyway, asked to explain the supposed sudden animosity from Bieber after he and Gomez were affectionate at the Billboard Music Awards last month, the blogger is at a loss. “I don’t know. Look, Justin Bieber, he has all those Beliebers, he has like 34 million Twitter followers…” Good answer. Also WRONG info — Bieber has more than 40 million followers.

Anyhow, this claim coming from a HollywoodLife blogger is absolutely hilarious given that just weeks ago, the webloid ran an “exclusive” (see below) saying Bieber “loves” Gomez’s new music. BUSTED. So basically, HollywoodLife makes up contradicting stories about the couple based on whatever their current relationship status is at the moment. It’s a JOKE.

In any case, Gossip Cop checked in with a Bieber insider, who tells us the teen singer is “of course” a fan of Gomez’s new music, and is always supportive of her career. Check out the train wreck below.


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