Justin Bieber Appears On “The Diego Show,” Hosted By Mexican Puppet (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Diego Puppet Show

By Andrew Shuster


Justin Bieber Diego Puppet Show


Justin Bieber appeared on “The Diego Show,” a mock talk show hosted by a Mexican puppet who can’t seem to discuss anything other than how much he hates his wife. Watch the funny video below!

On Thursday, Bieber tweeted a YouTube video of the show along with the caption, “One of the most important interviews of my career.” The puppet first asked, “What’s it like to be Justin Bieber?,” but before he let the singer give a full answer, Diego interjected, “For me it’s terrible. My wife is crazy. She checks my phone every day.” Bieber told him, “Be good. Don’t mess around,” to which Diego the puppet responded, “No.”

When Bieber told Diego that his upcoming album Purpose took about three years to make, the puppet said, “Three years ago, I was not married, and it was much happier days.” The host and guest then proceeded to freestyle rap. Bieber began, “Yo, hanging out with Diego,” but the puppet interrupted yet again and rapped, “My name is Diego. I hate my wife.” He then asked the singer, “That’s pretty good, no?”

Unfortunately, Bieber doesn’t get to share too much about his new album, as Diego the puppet spends most of the interview trashing his wife. Watch the funny video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

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