CLAIM: Justin Bieber Buys Customized $160,000 Range Rover

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Justin Bieber

By Michael Lewittes

Justin Bieber

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In a piece titled, “Justin Bieber Finds His Range,” The Sun claims the singer “splashed out more than £100,000 [$160,000] on a… customized Range Rover.”

Once it’s completed, reports the tab, Bieber will have his tricked-out wheels “shipped out to LA to add to his expanding fleet of supercars.” The paper notes the special features Bieber is adding to his car include a high-end “engine, customized paint job and leather interior, plus a sound system worth £50,000 [$80,000].”

Says one of The Sun‘s so-called sources, “Justin loves his motors even though he’s barely old enough to drive… His girlfriend Selena Gomez will be well impressed with his latest. It’s the business.”

Let’s first look at the COMPLETELY fabricated quotes from the paper’s “source.” First, no one in North America, especially anyone close to Bieber, would refer to cars as “motors.” Second, no one in the world, especially anyone close to Bieber, would refer in normal conversation to Gomez as “his girlfriend Selena Gomez.” It’s either just “his girlfriend” or “Selena.”

Still, Gossip Cop checked with Bieber’s rep, who told us there’s “no truth whatsoever” to The Sun story. Once again, the paper run out of gas with its fictitious Bieber stories.

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