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CLAIM: Justin Bieber Collapsed

Truth rating: 2

By Michael Lewittes


The National Enquirer teases on its cover, “Justin Bieber Collapses!”

And inside the mag, an article claims Bieber’s “grueling work schedule is taking a devastating toll on his health.”

How so?

According to an Enquirer source, “His handlers have him working at an ungodly pace, and the stress is phenomenal. He’s lost weight, and at one point the poor kid collapsed with exhaustion.”

In fact, the tab says he’s dropped “10 pounds,” and suggests that the singer canceled his August 29 concert in Syracuse, New York because of his “collapse.”

While it’s true he rescheduled that lone performance, Bieber explained – via Twitter – he had “been super sick,” as in flu-like symptoms.

The young superstar returned healthy two days later at Madison Square Garden, where his concert was being film for his 3D movie.

Nevertheless, the Enquirer‘s source asserts Bieber is “still weak, and doctors insist he rest more … or else he risks another collapse! But he can’t – or won’t – because he doesn’t want to disappoint his mom, his manager or his fans!”

That, of course, is the mag’s way out of looking foolish as Bieber continues performing.

Regardless, Bieber never “collapsed” nor is he “10 pounds” lighter.

A rep for Bieber further told Gossip Cop, there was “absolutely no truth” to the story.

Actually, the only thing that collapses is the Enquirer‘s report.

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