Justin Bieber Buying House in Dubai?

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Justin Bieber Dubai

By Michael Lewittes

Justin Bieber Dubai

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Justin Bieber may have found a way to stop misbehaving,” begins a piece from The Sun, which claims the teen singer “wants to buy a home in strict Dubai.” According to the paper, “He’s been looking at houses in the strict Arab emirate after his recent troubles.”

The tabloid says Bieber “plays two gigs in the Middle East in early May and for his first visit has asked promoters to find him a house,” adding, “He’s considering keeping the place.” A so-called “source” tells The Sun, “He was going to stay in a hotel but is now looking at houses with a view to a longer-term stay.”

Of course, the paper gives absolutely ZERO details about the performer’s supposed new home. Additionally, would Bieber really spend millions of dollars on a home he’ll get to live in for maybe one week a year, as opposed to having his tour pay tens of thousands of dollars for his upcoming stay in Dubai? And why, in light of his “recent troubles,” would he want to live anywhere that’s “strict”?

The newspaper’s article is bereft of evidence or logic. So, is Bieber really considering setting up house in Dubai? No. Gossip Cop checked in with a Bieber insider, who tells us it’s absolutely false that the pop star is buying a home in Dubai. Once again, The Sun is miles away from the truth.

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