Justin Bieber Never Bottled His Own Sweat — THROWBACK THURSDAY

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Justin Bieber Never Bottled His Own Sweat

By Michael Lewittes

Justin Bieber Never Bottled His Own Sweat
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Justin Bieber never bottled his own sweat and sold the perspiration as a fragrance, as National Enquirer reported back in 2012.

Oh sure, Gossip Cop said it wasn’t true back then, but we’ve decided to revisit that ridiculous rumor on Throwback Thursday.

Back in 2012, the supermarket tab claimed that after working out at a gym, the singer pointed to the “moisture on his muscular arms” and announced, “That’s good old Bieber sweat! We’re gonna bottle some.”

At the time Bieber’s rep told Gossip Cop it was “complete bulls**t,” and laughed, “Where do they come up with this?”

Bieber even tweeted out our correction.

Since then, the Enquirer sprayed us with more tales, including that Bieber’s manager asked Sharon Osbourne to “save” the singer; that his management team “urged” him to become a U.S. citizen; and that Will Smith put him under a “strict curfew” and “makes sure he doesn’t stay out too late.”

It’s been two years since the tab first published the sweat rumor, and it still stinks.

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