Justin Bieber Blood Alcohol Level Allegedly Much Lower Than First Reported

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By Daniel Gates

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Justin Bieber allegedly had almost no alcohol in his system at the time of Thursday’s DUI arrest, potentially leading to questions about the credibility of the police report that was filed in the wake of his bust.

As Gossip Cop reported, the arresting officer claims he smelled alcohol on Bieber’s breath before initiating a field sobriety test that the pop star failed.

But now TMZ is reporting that Bieber’s blood alcohol level was .014not the .04 reported on Thursday — a significant difference.

Legal intoxication is .08, although the threshold for license suspension is lower given that Bieber is not old enough to drink legally.

In the police report, cops say they smelled the “odor” of alcohol emanating from Bieber, which could possibly be an exaggeration if alcohol was barely detectable in his blood.

That said — Bieber also allegedly had marijuana and prescription pills in his system when he was pulled over, which would mean he may have been intoxicated with or without the presence of alcohol.

TMZ suggests that the blood alcohol level discrepancy could call into question the entire police report’s credibility, but so far other details have not been seriously challenged.

Stay tuned.

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