Justin Bieber Dyes Hair Blonde, Site Somehow Screws Up Story

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Justin Bieber Blonde Hair

By Daniel Gates

Justin Bieber Blonde Hair


When it’s not busy stealing stories from Gossip Cop, HollywoodLife embarrasses itself with childish “reporting” on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The reason we keep bringing up the site’s journalistic failures when it comes to the former couple is because it’s apparent from the sheer volume of Bieber-Gomez “stories” HollywoodLife posts that it is choosing to exploit very real fan interest in the two stars with cheap, baseless speculation. Our job is to bust cheap, baseless speculation. It’s a shame HollywoodLife gives us so much material.

As everyone knows, Bieber dyed his hair blonde this week. On Friday, HollywoodLife speculated about the reason: “We’re not sure what prompted Justin’s drastic new look but it’s possible he decided to switch things up for his new love interest Hailey Baldwin. New woman, new hair color?”

Or… maybe he just decided to make a change? Bieber has repeatedly changed his hair style over the years. He’s gotten numerous tattoos. He’s grown a mustache. Not all of these physical changes had to be tied to any person or event in his life. But we digress.

Later on Friday, HollywoodLife scolded Bieber with a sloppy editorial called, “Justin Bieber: You’ve Probably Lost Selena Gomez For Good.” Bear in mind, there was no new Bieber-Gomez breakup this week. They parted ways a while ago. Basically, HollywoodLife noticed that 30 minutes had passed without a story about Gomez and Bieber, so it decided to publish a meaningless one.

As Gossip Cop reported, Gomez hung out with Jennifer Aniston on Friday and posted a picture of them together. She raved about Aniston’s work in Cake. It was a really sweet and unexpected moment. HollywoodLife decided that it was about Justin Bieber.

“Selena Gomez: Leaning On Jennifer Aniston Amidst Justin Bieber Drama” is the site’s headline. HollywoodLife asks whether amid “ongoing drama” with Bieber, Gomez “reach[ed] out to Jennifer for some tips on how to handle it all!?” NO. She saw Aniston’s movie Cake. This was a party for Aniston and Cake. This has nothing to do with Justin Bieber. HollywoodLife seems to think that Gomez’s every waking moment is defined by Bieber, and vice versa. This is the mentality of an emotionally overwhelmed middle schooler. Why is HollywoodLife “reporting” with this mentality?

Then, later on Saturday, we got this gem: “Justin Bieber Dyed His Blonde To Forget About Selena Gomez.” Yes, the headline is missing a key word. Oh, but that’s not the only evidence of HollywoodLife’s laziness (see below). Basically, the site is rushing up stories about Bieber and Gomez so quickly, it doesn’t have time to do rudimentary copy editing.

More importantly, HollywoodLife went from speculating that Bieber dyed his hair blonde for Hailey Baldwin to suddenly having an “exclusive” about how he supposedly did it to “cop[e] with his heartbreak over Selena.” Oh, and in this new story, Baldwin had nothing to do with Bieber going blonde, contradicting what HollywoodLife said 24 hours earlier. To recap: Justin Bieber changed his hair color. Selena Gomez had a nice conversation with Jennifer Aniston. And HollywoodLife sensationalized all of it, making no sense the entire way. It. Is. The. Worst.

HollywoodLife Mistake


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