Justin Bieber Beats Up “Paparazzi” in New Believe Movie

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By Shari Weiss


Justin Bieber beats up paparazzi in a sequence filmed for his upcoming movie Justin Bieber: Believe. The bit features the pop star trying to dodge the cameras while he runs through a warehouse in L.A., before trying a more, uh, physical way of dealing with the pesky paps.

The Biebs’ song “She Don’t Like the Lights,” plays in the background, and director John Chu explains, “The song itself is about someone who he’s dating who doesn’t like the lights – it just evolved from there.”

“We thought it’d be fun to have a secret service team – a special-ops unit – going after him with cameras,” Chu tells The Los Angeles Times. Of course, Bieber has had some very real run-ins with the paparazzi in recent months, including an intense incident in March when he exploded at a photographer in London, yelling, “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you!”

Chu says he doesn’t “envy” Bieber’s massive fame “in any way,” explaining, “I understand where the paparazzi is coming from and where he’s coming from. It’s a hard place to be: in the middle.” Justin Bieber: Believe, which doesn’t yet have a distributor or a release date, will combine documentary footage with fictional sequences, such as the paparazzi beat-down.

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