Justin Bieber Shares Bubble Bath Photo — Naked?!

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Justin Bieber Naked Bathtub Photo

By Shari Weiss


Justin Bieber Naked Bathtub Photo


Justin Bieber has set fans’ tongues wagging and hearts palpitating with his latest photo on Shots. The singer posted a picture early Wednesday showing himself in a bubble bath.

Naked? Perhaps. It’s honestly hard to tell. Bieber is obviously shirtless (see full pic below) and part of his bare legs are visible, too. There’s just way too many bubbles to see if he’s in his birthday suit or a bathing suit.

He seems to be quite happy, though. Bieber is smiling with a faux goatee made of bubbles. Actually makes you wonder… who exactly took the picture?!

Without any caption on the pic, it seems the teen heartthrob is content to let fans speculate. And this isn’t the first time he’s used Shots to share a possibly nude picture.

As Gossip Cop reported in June, Bieber took a shirtless selfie that was snapped from such a low angle, just above his crotch, that it looked like he was potentially pantless, too.

The newest eyebrow-raising snapshot came shortly after he posted an Instagram video of himself scoring a goal in a hockey game. He captioned the post, “My dangles were unreal did u see that shot I’m number 20 #dontf*ckwithecanadian #dangles #20 #younggretzky #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmyb*tch #iknewistillhadit.” NOTE: Bieber has since deactivated his Instagram account and removed his videos.

Justin Bieber Bubble Bath Photo


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