Site Wants to “Blame” Selena Gomez for Justin Bieber’s “Bad Behavior”

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By Daniel Gates


Because fantasyland HollywoodLife would rather sensationalize than report, the site has opted in recent days to portray Justin Bieber as some kind of public menace who’s spiraling out of control.

Today the site ups the ante by identifying a possible reason for the emergence of Big Bad Bieber, his new girlfriend Selena Gomez. Because why throw just one teenager under the bus when you can attack two? According to HollywoodLife, Bieber’s period of “acting out” coincides with Gomez’s arrival in the Biebersphere. The site asks, “Has the pressure of his high profile relationship become too much for him to handle?”

Well, let’s take a look at some examples of Bieber’s “escalating” so-called “bad behavior” during this time. As everyone knows, Bieber recently gave paparazzi the middle finger and pushed away another photographer’s camera while he and Gomez were followed inside a 7-11 store. Were these the 17-year-old’s finest moments? No.

But Bieber’s thousand positive interactions with fans and photographers, both before and since Gomez entered the picture, are conveniently swept under the rug to make room for HollywoodLife’s theories. What’s even more ludicrous, though, is how the site twists itself into a pretzel trying to come up with any additional instances of a “changed” Bieber.

HollywoodLife wonders aloud whether Bieber’s “violent choreography” during his British tour is an indicator of “pent up aggression.” Then the site calls out Bieber for a recent tweet that fooled fans into thinking he and his guitarist Dan Kanter were at odds, scolding, “Don’t mess with the hand that feeds you Bieber!”

A rational observer would look at Bieber’s Twitter shenanigans as harmless and in keeping with his long-standing reputation for pranks. And linking the image of Bieber’s choreographed on-stage kick (pictured above) to the words “Is Selena to Blame?” is just beyond ridiculous. That photo is of a move that has been done over and over during concerts, irrespective of Gomez.

It seems to Gossip Cop like Bieber is just an overworked but good-natured young man whose rare flashes of irritation with obnoxious paparazzo pursuers HollywoodLife twists into evidence that he’s fundamentally changed as a person. HollywoodLife paints a picture in which Bieber’s relationship with Gomez is turning him into Charlie Sheen, Jr. To borrow a Sheenism, we think the site is just “trolling” for controversy.

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Selena Gomez is the reason for Justin Bieber’s bad behaviour.

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