Justin Bieber Threw “Tantrum” At Fancy London Restaurant?

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(The Sun)

By Daniel Gates

(The Sun)

Justin Bieber purportedly threw a “tantrum” at a fancy London restaurant over the weekend — but Gossip Cop has learned the story is false. According to The Sun, which has a sloppy track record when it comes to reporting on Bieber, the singer “behaved like a petulant, spoiled brat” while dining at the “posh eatery” 34 last week.

The newspaper alleges that Bieber demanded that a family be “kicked off their table” so that his security team could be seated. Referring to Bieber as a “pop scrotum” (classy, Sun), the outlet says that management had requested that the bodyguards in front of Bieber’s table move. A “source” for The Sun says, “They pointed at the table next to Justin and said they would sit there and to move the people there elsewhere. The management said that wasn’t acceptable so they got up and walked out in a strop. It was ridiculous.”

Actually, what’s ridiculous is the newspaper’s unsubstantiated eyewitness account, days after the fact, and curiously only being “reported” after Bieber voiced his displeasure with the aggressive paparazzi who have plagued his visit to London. The Sun provides no details whatsoever — nothing about the family that was supposedly asked to move, how many people there were, their names, their reaction… nothing. Gossip Cop’s sources tell us the restaurant “tantrum” never happened, and that The Sun story is completely wrong.

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